I’m sure you have some questions. Let me introduce you to Stuart Ross – Co-Founder of SFM and Digital Experts Academy.

The academy and education that he created together with a team of highly qualified individuals has given thousands of people the opportunity to become self-sufficient, working online in a diverse range of different business models.

In order to help you, Stuart has answered some of the most frequently asked questions explaining what we are able to offer here at SFM for people who are starting from scratch as well as for current online business professionals.

What’s Robert’s relationship with the SFM?

I’m an accredited affiliate and member of the SFM. This means I receive commissions when I refer a new member/customer to SFM. I learned how to market from SFM so I’m confident In recommending some of the best education of it’s type available online.

What is an affiliate and affiliate commission?

In simple terms, you find customers on their behalf and your reward for finding them is a % commission. If a product or service is not yours but you are marketing it for someone else then you are an affiliate. Your affiliate commission is what you get paid in return. SFM handle all of the sales, all you need to do is market their webpage, nothing more. They will handle the rest for you. 

How long have SFM been in business?

The founders of SFM, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, have been in the online industry for nearly a decade. SFM has evolved into one of the industry’s leading online business education programs with members in 140 countries around the world. Their own product line has now been integrated under the name Digital Experts Academy (DEA). 

What can I use the training / education I get through Digital Experts Academy for?

Digital Experts Academy educate you to become an independent digital entrepreneur. You will learn internet marketing at a high level. You can advertise any web page you want on the internet. There are thousands of affiliate businesses on the internet that you can promote yourself and create multiple income streams. You can help local businesses market their websites. You can learn how to market your own business on the internet to get more revenue. The possibilities are endless. If you don´t use it, then it’s a waste of time for both you and Digital Experts Academy. Because of this, SFM & DEA have an application for you to fill in before you can become a member. We want to know if you are serious. You can create multiple income streams and it is recommend that you do, so you will not be dependant of just one stream.

What does it cost to start with SFM?

It costs an initial $297 to buy the SFM system then a monthly charge of $97. You can then choose education programs through Digital Experts Academy starting from $2000 – $29,999. 12 months pay plans are also offered on some of the Digital Experts Academy´s education products.

What do I get when I become a member?

You will first do the step by step modules. There are 5 of these and full of amazing training and value to get you on your way. You will get a business coach that helps you start up. You get 9 tested and integrated websites for various niches in the industry, with shopping cart and payment systems so you can promote your web pages which you will set up for marketing. This will all be taught to you. SFM has a fantastic back office where you can find all the training and platforms which will take you through from beginner to a credible marketer. You can set up products and prices, create banners, tracking links, a rotation system for your web pages, see real-time reports on the net with much more! Everything you need is under one roof, from the business system to the education, so you can start up fast regardless of any earlier experience.

Is there support to help me?

Absolutely, my success as well as the success of SFM depends on your success. You run your own business but not for yourself. We are here to help you kick start your online business quickly so you can get revenue. You will have access to hundreds of courses and training materials in marketing. You will have coaches available by phone or online chat and a community of like minded experienced people.

How can I cancel my account with SFM & DEA and am I tied to a contract?

SFM has a 30-day money back guarantee on the Basic Membership. If you, for whatever reason, are not happy or you change your mind, you can request your money back immediately. You may also terminate your account at any time with one months notice, there are no obligations between you and the SFM & DEA. 

Is there any age limit to work with SFM & DEA?

You must be 18 or older.



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