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Hey folks,

In this post I talk about the single biggest thing that holds people back from starting an online business:

Belief that they won’t succeed….

And how you can get beyond it….

To start building the life of your dreams!

Also, check out the video at the bottom of the post by the king of social business, Gary V, where he talks about fear and some great ways to easily create content.


Sometimes our limiting beliefs hold us back from living our dreams.

Probably the single biggest thing that holds people back is that they don’t believe that they can be successful online or in any other business for that matter.

Where does this come from because none of us were born experts in any field. We’ve had to build our skills and experience along the way.

However, as we get older we unconsciously build up or collect these stories of limitations.

Our beliefs are shaped by this predetermined story of what your life should be like…..go to school, get good grades, get a good job and stay in that job until retirement.

But think about it for a moment. If we didn’t create these limiting stories then there would be much more belief in WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

You see, we have had this belief stripped from us as we grow up in this world whether it is in schools, college or in the workplace. Society has a very narrow and blinkered path for success. If you veer off the path you are taught to believe that you can’t be successful.

Society is not geared to get the highest potential out of people.

And any Change or Uncertainty always test your belief…..we need reassurance that it can be done before we start.

Our identities are shaped in what we know and what we believe is possible.

We need social proof….and of course that proof exists. In the case of online business there are many, many people JUST LIKE YOU AND ME who are currently successful online.

But it’s a self-fulfiling prophecy. If you believe that you can’t do something…..then you are right.

So how can you get beyond that?

Is it possible that we can go into something where we don’t know where it’s going to take us….BUT BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE ANYWAY?

Can you start a journey and bring your fears and doubts along with you….until you get to a point where you have built enough confidence so that you are not fearful any more? I think so.

As a side note – Fear and Excitement are actually the same emotion. The same chemicals are released within the body. So it can be very useful to reframe Fear as Excitement of the unknown.

For us to progress and grow in life is going to involve Change.

There are always going to be areas of our life where there are CHALLENGES and other areas where things are going great.

These Challenges are what help us grow and acheive things. If we don’t have any challenges then the likelihood is that we are not growing but we are stagnating or dying in some way.

It’s also helpful to remember that we are CO-CREATORS (wanky word alert!….sorry I’ll try not to use it again! Honest!). Everything that has been created in this world has either been created by Nature or People.

And creating starts with Belief!

For everything that has ever been invented whether it’s a product, service or business….

It start with BELIEF or FAITH that it could be created…..

Then ACTION and this may look like design the item or the business, start building it, make changes when it doesn’t work, test it again and so on til eventually….

You get the RESULT that you dreamt of.

Not once, ever in the course of history did RESULTS come before ACTION and BELIEF!

I’m going to say that again:

Not once, did RESULTS come before ACTION and BELIEF!

Never happened!

It starts with BELIEF.

So in order to get past our fear we need to work on our internal dialogue.

Start telling yourself a different story. The one in which you are happy and successful.

Be REALLY SPECIFIC about what your ideal life looks like.

The DETAILS are really important.

As Tony Robbins says “See it as done!”….and then work backwards and work our what actions you need to commit to in terms of time, effort, money.

What training do you need? What tools do you need? What mentors do you want to learn from?

Remember. In order to get the succsse – whether that is being rich, a big house, a fancy car, the girl of your dreams etc… well as being clear on the details, the most important thing is to ask yourself…..

What is going to make me become the person that I have to be in order to live the life that I want?

If you can answer this and start working from this point then you’ll find the keys to the castle!

A big thank you to Justin Woolf for sharing many of the thoughts that went into this blog post.

Wishing you all the success in the world!


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