So hotshot? You’ve read the latest personal power blockbuster. Your vision board is plastered with magazine cut outs of Ferraris, Rolexes and a picture of Arnold Swarzenneger posing in a pair of speedos with your head shot superimposed on top (what kind of a sick freak are you!). Your Power Journal is packed with life affirming quotes such as “Your boss is your bitch!” and now you’re ready to fire out there and conquer the world are you?


Let’s take it down a notch Zippy by reminding ourselves of the habits that you will actually employ to achieve the square root of bugger all. I’ve got news for you sunshine. Watching Love Island and picking your nose are not two of the seven habits of highly effective people. Let’s take a look at some important habits that successful people employ. I’ve inserted the word “Don’t” in front of each of the following habits and hey presto here’s your current routine 🙂

Don’t…Develop Your Morning Motivation Routine

“If you win the morning, you win the day!” Yeah right!

Get up early to get more done……or in your case, set your alarm for 5.30am and then hit the snooze button a record 18 times before finally flying out of bed at 8.25am, rushing around like a headless chicken and arriving at work 10 minutes late.

Make meditation a daily ritual. This discipline helps to calm your inner chatter (will Joey on Love Island ask Amanda out?; oh bollocks, has the car MOT expired?; Shit! Shit! Shit! I’ve forgotten to feed the feckin hamster…..this week!) develop mental clarity and is a great uninterrupted way to visualise your daily, weekly and annual goals.

No time for meditation? Try hitting the snooze button one less time.

Don’t….Find Extra Time

You can always use “dead time” to get more done.

Travel time – If you’re on the train, try using the time to work on your second business instead of watching last night’s episode of Eastenders on catch up….! If you drive or cycle to work why not listen to an informative or motivational video (sound only numb-nuts!) or podcast.

In the evenings – the average person in the US spends 26 hours per week watching TV (24 in the UK). That’s equivalent to 9 years of your life if you live to 65. Unfortunately, most of this time is spent consuming the media equivalent of junk food. Think of what you could achieve in 26 hours per week if you used the time more effectively. Stop consuming and start producing!

Don’t….Plan your time

I can hear you now – “Planning and scheduling is a load of old bollocks! It’s for arseholes and control freaks. No good will come of working out how long a task will take and setting aside enough time to perform it. How could it possibly be beneficial to be prepared and set out a strategy for completing work in advance of deadlines? I’m a wild animal. Don’t try and cage me man! You’re supressing my inner lion. I need to be free. I work when I’m in alignment and ready to roar.” No. You’re a delusional fuckwit whose patronis is a hamster. Just plan your time Harry Potter!

Don’t….Create a bias for Action

If you want to realise your goals (eating a family bag of Doritos at one sitting is not technically a goal) then you need to be action-orientated. Develop the habit of taking action particularly when you don’t feel like it. If you need to research a project, don’t switch on the TV. If you need to get out of bed to exercise before work, don’t hit the snooze button, just get your arse out of bed. Set yourself a challenge for one day to immediately take action when you feel that you cannot be bothered. Once you’ve completed one day then do it the next and the next after that. If you do this for 20 days on the trot then you’ll have programmed a new habit into your psyche.

I’m imagining that you are this cat. You are staring at me and you are silently saying “I don’t give a shit, wanky.”

Don’t fall into the perfection trap. If you need to write or create something, just get started. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s shit, you’re opinion is not important….I mean, you can always improve upon it as you go.

Don’t….Look after your body

Eating, drinking and exercising. Top performers: eat lots of green veg and organic, lean protein; drink lots of water; and exercise once or twice a day for at least 30 minutes, 5 or 6 days per week.  Newsflash! Pizza is not a superfood and making four trips to the gym in early January every year is not a routine. It’s not rocket science pal. Just eat less crap and go to the gym or get out on your bike or something.

Don’t….Ensure that you sleep well

If you want to function properly during the day, then you need to get enough quality sleep. This can be a challenge and everyone is different but here are a few suggestions for improving your sleep:

– Try and avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea before bed. Caffeine is a stimulant which will keep you up and coffee is a diuretic… you may be up to the bathroom several times a night!

– If you excercice regularly then try avoid exercising at least couple of hours before bed if you can.

– Try and avoid eating late. There’s nothing worse than try to get to sleep with a big meal sitting in your stomach.

– Avoid TV , ipads and iphone directly before bed and put your phone in another room when you go to bed. This way your not disturbed by any messages etc.

Seriously though. Try adopting one or more of these practices into your daily routine and I guarantee you’ll notice a massive difference in your life. You’ll be miles more productive. You’ll feel better and you’ll have more energy. You’ll have transformed from a highly ineffective moron into a highly effective ninja! So what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Ready to change your life?