The other day I was talking with my kids about how they need to be incredibly RESOURCEFUL in order to succeed in our changing world.

I told them how they can no longer rely on a single career or job. When our parents or our grandparents started work, it’s likely that they could stay with the same company for their entire working life. But these days there’s no such thing these days as a “Job for Life”.

We’ve also had a number of conversations about TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their lives. As far as earning a living is concerned the only person they can rely on is their self!

They have to be entrepreneurial and try different things until they find the right one for them. If they love then that’s fantastic! If they love it and they can earn a fortune then they’ve hit the jackpot!

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They need to learn and master as many skills as they can. As Jim Rohn famously said “….Learn another language and make another million” – I’ll add a link to one of his YouTube videos near the bottom of this post.

At aged 51 I decided that I absolutely had to attain another skill. If I didn’t then I could easily become obsolete in this rapidly changing world. I chose Online Marketing.

With the help of the SFM I’ve been able to start building this skill set AND YOU CAN TOO!

At first it was a bit daunting but the vast array of the SFMs Incredible Resources and Fantastic Support meant that I very quickly became confident and was able to learn fast AND YOU CAN TOO!

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I realised that it was not only important for me to build a 2nd income stream……

I also had to start something that provided me with the ability to enhance my CREATIVITY. I think this becomes really important as we get a bit older and realise that we’ve spent our life in a career that doesn’t provide a lot of job satisfaction.

So working on something that allows you to tap into your creative side is immensley satisfying.

I also told my kids that they CANNOT RELY on one source of income.

It’s not smart. You cannot leave yourself exposed to fluctuations in the fortunes of your company or changes in the whims of your employer.

I tell my kids that they always need to have a backup strategy….

They need to develop MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME.

This will give them both SECURITY and FREEDOM.

If they decide that they don’t want to do a particular job any more then they are not trapped. They’ll have multiple sources of income to pay their bills and support them.

Maybe these points resonate with you and you are interested in how to become extremely resourceful and completely upscale your life?

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Here’s the link to the Jim Rohn video that I mentioned. He was really a fantastic speaker! Really inspirational.

I hope you find this of value. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you!